Supporting the athlete who dreams, believes and achieves. 

Mike Hanson and Susan Reeder joined the Endurance House family not only for their love of triathlons, but because of their dream to inspire and celebrate others.  As a former semi-pro tennis player and basketball player, Mike fell in love with racing after Sue signed him up for his first race – a half-marathon!  Since then, he has done several more half marathons and triathlons, having his eyes set on the 2018 Alcatraz Triathlon.  Mike is a retired assistant middle school principal with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Performance and Sports and a Master’s Degree in Administrative Leadership and Policy.  Sue is a native Coloradan who has been competing in running and triathlon’s for over twenty years.  As a former fitness instructor, she has taught strength and conditioning, cycling, yoga and has done some personal training.  Fitness is only one of her passions; she is currently an 8th grade middle school teacher with Bachelor Degrees in Business Marketing and Mathematics and has a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction.  Both Mike and Susan have the energy and persistence to conquer all things and it is their dream to help and celebrate others to “redefine their possible.”

Endurance House is committed to delivering a Gold Standard Guest service for triathletes, runners and walkers of all abilities in a genuine and encouraging atmosphere. With a team of good people who happen to be experienced triathletes and runners, our Endurance Consultants are here to help you Redefine Your Possible by getting to know you and understand your triathlon, running and health goals. We can then recommend the best triathlon bikes and gear as well as running shoes for YOU! We look forward to seeing you soon!



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