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Endurance House Westminster Team Membership Includes:

And new this year…..


70.3/140.6 — $350

Sprint/Olympic — $300

Be sure to ask us about our referral program for 2018 alumni members



Boulder 140.6 Training will start October 30th (32 weeks)
Boulder 70.3 training plan starts January 22nd (28 weeks)
Harvest Moon training starts Feb 18th (28 weeks)
 Colorado Open training starts January 28th (16 weeks).
 Boulder Peak Training starts February 18th (20 weeks)
Oktoberfest training   starts June 3rd (16 weeks)


*15% Team Discount does not apply to Garmin or Bikes.

** Alumni pricing is only available to 2018 team members

About Coach Wendy Mader

Wendy is co-founder and owner of t2coaching and has made a lifelong commitment to fitness, sports, coaching, and triathlon. From her youth as a competitive swimmer to her current career in the fitness industry, her dedication shines. Wendy is a former collegiate swimmer and has 26 years experience in triathlon including 18 Ironmans.
Some of her accomplishments include:
  • Overall Amateur Winner in Kona 2008
  • Nine time Hawaii Ironman Triathlete (Winner 2008)
  • Head Coach and founder of Team Trifecta and t2coaching, LLC
  • Head Coach Northern Colorado High School Triathlon Team (2010-2012)
  • Head Coach Rocky Mountain High School Swim Team (boys and girls)
  • Race Director Pelican Fest Triathlon (2009-2013)
  • Race Director t2coaching Indoor Triathlon Series (2000-2015)
  • Head Coach of City of Fort Collins Multisport Wellness Program (2008-2014)
  • Aquatics Coordinator at the Fort Collins Health  Club, 2000-2015
  • Coached Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s “Team in Training”
  • TRX, Insanity and ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • BeachBody coach


From Coach Wendy Mader — What you can expect
  • A training plan for ANY of the above events
  • A basic Training Peaks account to plan and keep a training log Wendy can follow. Wendy to view any athletes training upon request.  A premium account can be purchased at for an additional cost.
  • Weekly updates via email and posts to the eHouse Team Facebook page
  • Availability to answer questions, usually posted on the Facebook team page or in individual training logs
  • Run and swim analysis with video submission
  • Three free clinics in 2018. Dates TBD.
  • Honest feedback

How do I join?

Register for the Endurance House Westminster Team by stopping by the store, calling 720-355-2529 or emailing or

Once registered, you will be emailed by either Mike or Sue (store owners and team managers) and given all the necessary team information.


Any questions? Call 720-355-2529 or email or



Q: I have never done a triathlon…..I have no idea where to begin?

A: You are in good hands!  We welcome all level of triathletes. Most people who triathlon aren’t strong in 1 or more of the disciplines. Our clinics and workshops are perfect for learning the basics in swimming, biking, running or refining your skills to get faster. Our group is a mix of young, old, new triathletes, and experienced ones!

Q: How do I receive my training?

All of our training is done through Training Peaks, which is a free app. This App allows Coach Wendy to upload your training plan. You will be able to see your workouts and leave comments for her to see.

Q: Why should I join a team versus having just a training plan?

This team will motivate you and keep you on track. A training plan can be confusing and unrealistic. There is no feedback with a generic training plan. You will not only get in shape with this team but you will build friendships. We can’t emphasis enough the benefits athletes receive when they are able to do group training. It makes it more enjoyable and fun! We also offer monthly clinics and socials that focus on different aspects of triathlon. Whether you are new to triathlon or an elite age grouper, this team will challenge you and help you achieve your goals.

Q: I don’t have a bike…. ? Help.

A:  Our retail store is stocked with everything you need for triathlon. We have running shoes, cycling shoes, bikes, swimming gear, wetsuits, nutrition, and more!


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